Strategy and Performance Effectiveness for Businesses, Organizations, Entrepreneurs, Executives and Professionals

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Strategy and Performance Effectiveness for Businesses, Organizations, Entrepreneurs, Executives and Professionals

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The Challenge

Ideally entrepreneurs, executives and managers have crystal clear objectives, carefully thought out and tested strategies, and operational plans and systems that fully deliver on the promise of those objectives and strategies. In reality however, only an exceedingly small minority of the 32 million businesses in the United States and the estimated 200 million businesses worldwide ever achieve that level. And even fewer can maintain that over a long period of time.

It is not surprising that such a level of success is so elusive. Developing and testing business strategies, models and organizational structures, then getting the right personnel deployed (and retaining them) and all the necessary systems, processes and technologies in place – that’s a tall order, even in a stable environment. But when were you last operating in a stable environment? This all needs to be accomplished amidst ever-changing conditions and circumstances.

Solutions Abound

Larger national and global enterprises invest significantly to protect and grow their effectiveness, innovation, competitive advantage and market share. All of these companies engage specialized consultants every year to work on one, several, or all of the following: business modeling and strategy, talent (strategy, optimization, development and retention), sales, marketing, leadership, teambuilding, company culture, change management, knowledge management, technology, risk management, operations, and more. Unfortunately, due to economies of scale, ongoing specialized consulting at that level is typically not affordable for, and/or scaled to, small to mid-sized companies and organizations.

ENC’s Unique Value Proposition – Bridging the Gap

At ENC we have scaled appropriate, effective, and affordable solutions for small to mid-sized companies, solutions that, due to the leveraging of economies of scale, historically have only been available to the world’s largest and most successful enterprises – our Optimization and Acceleration Program. And for those that have successfully attained mid-to-large or enterprise-scale and want to endure, we have our Clarity and Alignment Program.

We dedicate ourselves every day to fostering our clients’ business, organizational and individual excellence. Explore our programs to see how we can help you.

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