‟Brent has a tremendous amount of experience and shares his knowledge in an enthusiastic and pragmatic manner. Bottom line, he has helped me be more profitable while providing a great product, improving my customer service and overall customer experience, yet at the same time working fewer hours and with less stress. Thank you!”

Alex Slarve, General Contractor and Custom Remodeler
Napa Valley

‟The first time that we met Brent Baker was at a seminar in Lake Las Vegas. He stepped up to speak to the group and as he started to speak, I immediately knew this was the man that would help me fix everything that was wrong with my business. His knowledge base appears to not have any bounds and his ideas, programs and presentations have been an immense help to our business. Brent covers the entire gamut of issues that can cripple a business, from accounting and bookkeeping, marketing, to on-the-job real-life construction know how, dealing with personnel, materials, job sites, estimating, bidding, client management and anything in between. He is great teacher, a trusted mentor and an invaluable asset. He has our highest personal recommendation. This man is the real deal!

Andy & Nikki Steinborn

Tajo One, Inc.
Las Vegas, Nevada

We had the opportunity to work with Brent as a coach in 2018 and 2019 and truly enjoyed the experience. His depth of knowledge and industry experience was a huge help for our team. Brent always listened, paused, then gave advice for the situation at hand. He also gave tips on how to avoid pitfalls and how to keep momentum in the initiatives we were working on. Being introduced to other companies of similar size and with similar goals in other markets to network with was another big plus. Brent always gave us our ‘homework’ and followed up to make sure we were on track to meet our goals. I encourage you to take the leap.

Justin Schuck

Sandpoint, Idaho

Our family has been blessed and our lives improved by what you do and I want to encourage all of you [the coaches of The Collaborative] to persevere in your endeavors!

Mitch Speck

Specktacular Home Remodeling
Sandy, OR

“Brent’s insight was invaluable in applying key management practices to our existing construction operations and was further invaluable in helping us firmly differentiate and strongly roll out our niche market start-up remodeling company.”
Jeremy Orenstein

Director of Operations, GLA Morris Construction, Inc.
Senior Project Advisor, elevation 6225, inc.

I had the opportunity to receive coaching from Brent Baker for two years and he was always fantastic. He is extremely knowledgeable and his direction, advice and coaching accelerated and lifted our business. I would highly recommend Brent for business consulting or coaching.

Brett Lott

Brett Lott Homes
Tri-Cities, Washington

I worked with Brent for two years to reimagine my general contracting business in California. When I started working with Brent, I was doing the work of three people (at least), and hated going to work every morning. A year in with Brent, and I had retooled my business, hired an office/production manager, and had actually started to enjoy my work again. And, I saw my profits increase despite taking on this additional overhead, and with little increase in gross receipts. For anyone struggling in a business that has grown out of control, I would say that you can try to figure it out on your own, suffering along the way, or you can work with Brent to regain your life, and remember why you got into business in the first place.

David Hillmer

Empire Contracting, Inc.
Sonoma County, California

People of genuine enthusiasm, kindheartedness, and undeniable expertise in their field, are few and far between. Folks with one or two of these attributes are a dime a dozen. From the first time I sat down with Brent Baker, it was apparent that he embodied all three. Brent is a rare find in that he has a wealth of personal experience combined with a passion to empower others.

Remodeling Contractor

San Francisco Bay Area